How does making cents make sense?

I wouldn’t call myself stingy or a cheapskate, but I try to find money where I can.  Sometimes it’s kind of obvious, sometimes it’s not so obvious.  The trick with what I have done is to not wait until the time comes when all these pennies I am finding become the difference between eating and going to bed hungry.

Cents can come from anywhere at anytime.  Sometimes it’s literal, coins inbetween the cushions, under the car seat (where do they come from anyway?), on the ground in the parking lot or in the bottom darkness of a purse.  Sometimes it’s not so simple, sometimes the cents make you work to find them, for me metal detecting in parks, under benches, that sort of thing which for me is still fun.

But then, sometimes finding cents becomes actual work where the cents aren’t in coin form when you find them at all.  That’s where a bulk of my cents come from and trust me, it isn’t always pretty, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Cents are everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  Drive down the road.  Think that pinecone has no worth?  go to and search “pinecones”.  You’d be shocked at what people can buy.    Take a drive by big dumpsters, often people don’t hit the dumpster when they throw out good items because they want people to pick them up.  Cha-Ching!  Cents are everywhere.  You just have to slow down and look around you.  It’s money, not much but if you nickle and dime it, you won’t be sorry.

That’s my thought of the moment on how I make cents make sense.


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