Organizing the Disorganized

“How do you do it?”

That’s the question I get a lot when people hear that I got any given thing by making cents make sense.  To them I say, “I started at the beginning.  After that, everything fell into place.”

First let’s get the idea that this is really something you just do without a plan or any sort of organization out of your head.  The truth is, there is a lot of organization, planning, methods to this madness, but they come sort of subconsciously.  Meaning, I didn’t realize I was doing them until I was mid way onto my own path of being a sort of penny whisperer.

The first thing you should do, the thing I’d have done differently if I had it all to do over again, is to organize your space.  That’s right, clean your house.  Not in order to get yard sale or resell fodder (though that’s not a bad idea), but because this can take some space.  After you have freed up all the free space you can, reorganize what is left so that there is a larger section of free space.  It helps if this is a garage, but if you are like me, garageless, then a closet, a corner of an unused room or even bedroom will do.  Sometimes I use a little bit of space in various rooms because that’s all I have.

No, I’m not a hoarder, in fact my house is quite nice.  And the things you see, well, they are mostly for sale.  You see, unless it’s a picture or family heirloom (we don’t have many of those, those are kept tucked away in a trunk anyway), everything is for sale.  This creates a sort of dual use.  That is another topic for another blog though.

Once you have a feel for the space you have, now it’s time to figure out what it is you have, or will have, to make some cents.  Personally, I’d start and did start with personal inventory.  What can you get rid of and get rid of fast.  It can be anything, even a coffee mug.  You might think, “that’s just a coffee mug,” but, if someone is willing to pay you $.50 for it, then shouldn’t you snag it?  I’d rather have two quarters (or five dimes, or two dimes a nickle and a quarter…) than a coffee mug.  It’s all a drop in the bucket that will eventually overflow.

Yard sales aren’t for everyone, after all, there’s planning, waiting, praying the weather doesn’t change.  So I like to do online reselling through facebook.  That’s right, facebook.

If you search groups in your area, use the county you live in and the tag, “Resell” or “Resale”  or “Yardsale”, you will find many things I imagine.  You can use your city too as a search.  For example, and this isn’t mine, “Nashville Resell” or “Orange County Resale.”  You’d be shocked at the results.

You see, you don’t need great pictures, though they help, you just need a smart phone which most all have, snap a picture of the item, pick a price you want (Remember, this is a cyber yardsale so don’t ask full price for a used item), and list!  Use the structure below:

Item Price, Item Name, Item Condition, Item Location, Smoke Free or Pet Free Home, and thank them for looking.

Never meet at your house or theirs, always meet in an open location.  We’ve all heard of the Craigslist scares, but with Facebook, you can literally screen who is buying your items.  If something seems off, simply pass.  The key is to be honest.

Test the waters, see if that is something you would get into doing.  It helps to have a central meeting place.  For me it’s a Walmart Parking Lot, and i like to meet on Wednesdays, however if someone wants something earlier I have no problem doing that.

Here is where you can stop or continue.  By now you’ve seen if this avenue is the correct one you want to use to make cents make sense or not.

…Next time on CentsMakesSense, we will discuss why you chose to stop or continue!


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