Sense In Slow Cents

I love the play on words in the title don’t you?  And boy is it fitting!  Today’s thought is on just how slow it might be in making cents make sense.  So what comes to mind? The old saying, “good things come to those who wait.”  What I mean by that is, sometimes you have to let things build up in order to reap the benefits.

Today’s example came after I cleaned up the kitchen (we are in the middle of a snow day so I figured to go deep just to see what I had in there), anyway, what I found were piles of box tops (among other points from other offers).  I got to thinking, that’s one way I make cents.  So here’s my tip to you.

What you will need:

2 – 4 magnets

1 plastic ziplock bag (Not an envelop, those get lost believe it or not)

a pair of cissors near by.

Convienance is everything.  I hung mine on the refridgerator.  The ziploc bag being see through reminds  everyone to put tops in there, and also reminds us to list every now and then.  Speaking of listing, for this you need an Ebay account (which most have), if you don’t have one, by all means get on it! Go to and sign yourself up for a seller account. It doesn’t hurt and it comes in handy for selling things like this and others that I will give advice on every now and then.

When you list box tops, the title should look like this:  100 Box Tops and Labels for Education Neatly Clipped

The body / description should look like this:  None are expired (or) None expire until (insert the year).  Great way to earn money for your school!

The price should start off at:  $00.50 (to cover the cost of the stamp)

Easy as that!  The listings (mine included) usualy go between $8.00 yo $10.00 if you get the right people who don’t want to lose.  After fees, you should get about $7.00 – $8.50 (low and high on the $8-$10 estimated sale)

I do not touch my Paypal Account.  I just let that accumulate through the year.  You’d be shocked, even if you don’t like asking friends, family or if you are like me, while dumpster diving, how fast those points add up!

Just how fast to they add up?  No promises on your sales, but in this type of listing alone last year, I banked $180.00.  That’s not too bad if you think about it, considering I fogot the money was sitting in my Paypal account ready to use if my tires blew out or for a rainy day!

Now that’s  making sense out of cents!


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