Let there be light! $13.00 and free stuff!

Through all the snow storms, ice, sub-arctic temperatures here in Martin, TN, there is a little ray of light.  Now, this post is a little more informal and a little personal, but I have to share this.  Yesterday was a very good day for me and my small family!

I managed to get a job at Lowes – which resembles a lot of what I did in the Navy as a Storekeeper some years ago.  Also, I was able to go to Goodwill and scored a pretty good haul!

I spent $27.00 (using my military discount and the green tag half off sale they had) and picked up the following, all of which was in mint condition.

1.  Fisher Prie Workbench (heavy plastic) with roughly 30 pieces of play tools for $9.99.

Goodwill Workbench

2.  Vintage Green Glass Covered Dish

3.  Wrought Iron (I’m sure that’s not the right spelling) three teared spiral wall hanging.

Goodwill Iron

4.  “Espresso Yourself” metal kitchen wall hanging.

Goodwill Espresso

5.  Heart wooden walls helf (this will be repourposed, painted purple and glitter then sold)

6.  The ellusive wood block that holds knives (there’s a crayon holder project I want to do with it I saw on Pintrest, scored for $.99)

7.  Two small wooden shelves, plain that I will paint for my son’s skylander things.

Ok that averages out to about $3 and some change for each item!

Well, I listed the fisher price toy for $25.00 on a local facebook resell page, got $20.00, I wanted to keep the black three teired shelf, but I have a rule, I have to try to sell things for at least double the price I paid for it first, and sold it for $10.00, and the “Espresso Yourself” sign towel holder sold for $10.00 also.

Drumroll folks….  I made $13.00 and got the two shelves for my son, the block for my craft and the heart shelf for completly free!

Not a bad day!


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