Cents are Everywhere – Am I Obsessed?

Good question, “Am I obsessed?”  The answer to that is just maybe.  Especially after yesterday’s (2/27/15) adventure in Nashville, TN.  You see, I scored Maroon 5 Concert tickets so we went there.  It was a 24 hour adventure, started on Friday morning at about 6 and we hit the road at about the same time on Saturday (today).    So anyway, the savings.

Our savings began when we got into Nashville and went to the Loveless Cafe.  In my head, I was thinking, “how much of what (if I have anything listed) must I sell to put a dent in this meal at the Loveless.  Well, the answer came quickly.

Now, I’m admittedly somewhat of a hyprocrit when it comes to some things.  I demand my children (though the 21 year old doesn’t listen) put the cell phone or gameboy down when we are in public eating.  However, I decided to do a quick facebook check and “bumped” some of my listings so it would pop up on my local resell page.  Within 10 minutes (yes, the hyprocrit in me demanded this), I had sold three items which totaled about $20.00.  Alright, well my bill came to $45.00, so I fed my family of four for $25.00 (before the tip).  Then, you know I had to go get me some biscuit mix because they have the best biscuits.  Because I spent $40.00 (now this did NOT go in the bucket), they gave us a free box of bacon popcorn! (I never would have bought this BTW).  It was supposed to be $8.00.  Alright, well heck!  That’s not bad is it?

So it was on to the Parthanon.  A replica of a the Greek temple.  Well, my mom is a senior and I am prior military so we scored a $5.00 savings, not much but I took that money (which I already spent) and put it in that empty water jug as soon as I got home (along with that $25.00 from above).

After that, it was the Golden Coralle Restraunt.  I had a ticket for a kids eat free meal.  Well, that was  a $7.00 savings (this too went in the bucket).

Now, we went to the hotel and checked in.  We were going to go to the vending machine for some water (yes I have a healthy obsession with Dasani water), when I asked about it, the guy behind the desk gave us four bottles of water.  SCORE!  $4.00 (Into the bucket!)

Now, here is where some savings come in that were unexpected so they did NOT go into the bucket:  The Maroon 5 concert.  Outside of the Bridgstone Arena, there are always local radio stations lined up.  Well, they had games set up for free.  I played and my daughter played.  I’d been watching and remembered w here things were, so she scored the “Animal” cd by Maroon 5 because she was the first winner of the day.  Not bad right?

Unfortunately that ended my savings, we went home, I swung by the dumpster to peek to see if anyone threw away something I could clean and resell, found nothing.  Fed my son and then thought to myself, “Self, my all of four viewers might like to hear abut this!”.  I would really like to hear about your savings adventures be it with physical cents or using sense to save!


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