First Time For Everything

I’m number one!  I’m number one!  Wait, I’m the only one.  Does that mean I’m also last?  And if that is so, does that mean I get two trophys?

Eventually someone will happen by, are you the first one?  If so, hello!  Or, goodbye if I’ve already lost you.

My blog.  That sounds so surreal.  My Blog… Here I am, a 40ish year old woman finally blogging! And what do I blog about?  Making money of course.  No, not the get rich kind of money, but the kind of money others typically throw away or overlook.  And before any of you say it, no, I won’t be on the show Hoarders or Extreem Cheepskates.  Though, even they make money from being on the show so I might just consider that!  But seriously, I will be blogging about making money by using slightly unconventional – sometimes head shaking – ways.

Hey, I have to.  I’m a single mom who only has myself to depend on.  Jobs for me come and go (mostly because I have to take what I can get and sometimes that just doesn’t work out) so I will also be blogging about the raw emotions of failure sprinkled with the occasional success.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!